Dental Staff

Dentist in Mechanicsburg, PA

The brief descriptions below are designed to familiarize you with our staff's training, professional credentials and work experience.

Jenna --Jenna has been working with Dr. Fisher since 2005. She started as a dental assistant and in 2013 she changed roles to work as a receptionist.  She currently works part time in our office.

Ellen--Ellen graduated from Broome County College in 1981 and worked as a hygienist for many years in the Mechanicsburg Area. In 2016 Ellen joined our team as full time receptionist.

Jenn--Jen has been with Dr. Fisher for 6 years. She graduated from HACC as a certified dental assistant and later continued her education at KTI Career Institute to obtain her Expanded Functions Dental Assistant certification.

Alyssa-- Alyssa is also one of our dental assistants. She started with our office as an extern in 2015. She graduated from the dental assisting program at YTI Career Institute in 2015 and was immediately hired in our office.

Patty--Patty has worked for Dr.Fisher since 1996. She manages the dental hygiene department in our office.  She graduated from HACC in 1996. Patty is also a public health dental hygiene practicioner, and clinical instructor at HACC.

Ann--Ann has been a dental hygienist in our office for 2 years. She graduated from HACC in 1998 and is a public health dental hygiene practioner. She also holds a certification in local anesthesia. Ann currently works in our office 4 days a week and is also a clinical instructor at HACC.

Micahlah-- Micahlah joined our practice as a receptionist in March of 2017.  She is currently attending HACC to become a Dental Hygienist.  

Katrina-- Katrina joined our practice 1 month ago as a Dental Assistant for Dr. Tina H. Taylor.  She graduated from the dental assisting program at YTI Career Institute in 2011.  She has previously worked in multiple Dental Specialties including Oral Surgery and Endodontic treatment.